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Why did we start Sprout?

On a slow, sullen afternoon, my co-founder and I were having lunch in our conference room, struck with grief at the various state of affairs in the world.

We thought about how we can make a difference. How can we use our marketing background to lift people’s spirits? How do companies do this today? After a few minutes on Google, we decided that we wanted to create a space where marketers can get inspired to do philanthropy in their very own companies as well as outside of the office.

Take a look at Tom’s, Warby Parker and Bombas. Companies like these are making millions and donating millions of items to the needy. If they can make the math work, why can’t other companies do the same?

Without going too much into our manifesto we wanted to open up with what we are all about. Sprout Positivity is a place where marketing, philanthropy and profitability meet.

Ideally, we want to promote at least one of the three takeaways for our readers:

  1. Get inspired. Find the philanthropy that’s right for you. What fits your business model? What reaches your target audience while also reaching those in need? We hope to answer those questions for you.

  2. Make a change to your current efforts. Ideally, our stories and tools can help you make small tweaks in your messaging to make it more empowering, positive and impactful. Already have a fund at your corporation? Think about what other initiatives you can do to augment the fund.

  3. Start your own campaign. This can be quite scary, but we’d like to provide you with all the tools you need. From weekly inspirational stories to our resources page, we hope you will be equipped with all the things you need to get started.

In the coming months, we will be posting some of the most inspirational campaigns we’ve seen both in the corporate and nonprofit world. We also welcome stories from contributors. Feel free to submit your inspirational campaign stories here or leave your stories in the comment sections.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of Sprout's journey we hope you’ll enjoy our content.

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