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Dive-in to something positive.


The marketing and advertising world is full of bad puns and empty promises. This is our shot at changing that. We asked ourselves, what will make marketers happy and make the world a better place?


At Sprout, our goal is just that, to set you off on the right path so that you can start making a difference as marketers. We believe that companies can profit and make the world a better place without sacrificing one or the other.


We want our website to be easy to use, inspirational and impactful. Our goal is empower, inspire and to set you off on the right path so that you can start making a difference! When you leave, we want you to have all the tools to start your own philanthropy campaign.


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Co-founder / Executive Editor

Natalia is currently a Marketing and Communications Director at a satellite communications company. She pioneered many firsts for her business unit, including launching their social media channels, blog and philanthropic campaigns. She has over seven years of experience in managing marketing and press campaigns, as well as running large-scale exhibition events.

In her free time Natalia enjoys working on freelance marketing projects for various clients. Including helping individuals through She enjoys volunteering for nonprofits that specialize in the mental health reform and environmental conservation.



Co-founder / Creative Director / Contributor

Brett is currently a Marketing Specialist in the aerospace industry. Brett’s responsibilities as a Marketing Specialist include website content, graphic design and event coordination. He was instrumental to a brand refresh at his firm in 2017 which included a brand new website, booth and sales collateral.

In his free time, Brett Wainner volunteers as a brand specialist. He enjoys designing logos and shaping branding identities for other firms outside of his industry. His favorite type of volunteering includes construction projects, environmental campaigns as well as life coaching.


  1. How does philanthropy benefit businesses?

    1. Why volunteering is good for your business:

    2. How volunteering is good for your business:

    3. How is volunteering good for business?

  2. I’d like my philanthropy campaign to be featured on Sprout. How do I do that?

    1. Fill out the Contact Us Form:

  3. I’ve never volunteered in my life. Where do I start?

    1. Fill out a profile on They will send you the top opportunities to match your skillset.

    2. Find your local community help centers and sign up for their email alerts, check out their events calendar or contact them directly. Be sure to attend their training sessions, should they offer them.

    3. If you have a particular cause you are passionate about, follow local nonprofit organizations on Facebook and LinkedIn. They typically post event invitations and instructions on how to join.

  4. I want to run things. How do I start a philanthropy campaign from scratch?

    1. Here are a few helpful resources that can get you started:


      2. The Guardian:

  5. Where is the best place to connect with other volunteers?

    1. LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn has some incredible avenues for volunteers, mentors and non profits.

    2. Reddit Threads: Feel free to join an existing sub-reddit or simply browse threads like this one to get inspired:

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